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Medi-Hab Advanced Massage and Bodywork with Jay Worthey LMT

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Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage Services in Maryville, IL

With so many people working at jobs that require them to sit at a desk or do repetitive motions for long hours, postural stress is becoming common. Receiving regular massages from Jay Worthey LMT is a great way to cancel out the effects of muscle imbalances and treat injuries caused by repetitive use. With over 23 years of experience, Jay proudly performs massage services in Edwardsville, IL, and for residents of the surrounding counties.

If you're in pain and prefer to have massage therapy done at home, just call to book an appointment. Jay will come to you and bring everything with him. He goes the extra mile for the elderly, disabled, or anyone who has a hard time leaving home. Jay offers a wide variety of massage services, including:

Massage Services Edwardsville, IL

Relaxation Services

  • Swedish Massage: light-pressure; flowing, tension-melting strokes, can be enhanced with warm oil and aromatherapy
  • Hot/Cold Stones: can be combined with Swedish for extra relaxation
  • Facial, Hand, and Foot Massage: stress reduction through massage and stimulating acupuncture points

Therapeutic Services

  • Deep Tissue: heavier pressure/compression and a slow glide work deep into muscles and connective tissues
  • Myofascial Release/Manual Manipulation: lengthening connective tissue, resetting the fascial web used with deep tissue to release myofascial restrictions
  • Medical/Orthopedic Massage: examines full-body structural alignment; multiple techniques (deep tissue, M.F.R., N.M.T, and M.E.T.) are applied for muscle elongation, connective tissue length, and range of motion, altering pain/holding patterns
  • Muscle Energy Technique: direct and active technique engages restricted muscles through contractions against pressure (typically used with deep tissue and myofascial release)

Specialized Massage/Exotic Services

  • Thai Yoga Massage: Jay's own take on an ancient full-body therapy from Thailand; 2-hour stressbuster with yoga poses, compressions, massage strokes, and stretches for a deep, relaxing release (traditionally done on the floor fully clothed; call before booking)
  • Deep Stones/Warm Bamboo: full-body stress reliever; deep massage strokes with hot stones and warmed bamboo sticks
  • Japanese Hot/Cold Stone Facial: blissful rejuvenator using massage and hot/cold stones to work facial muscles and stimulate acupuncture points

Why Come To Us for Massage Services?

Simply put, Jay Worthey is the man for the job regarding bodyworks and therapeutic massages. With more than 20 years of experience, certification, and training in bodywork, Jay has handled every skin condition there is as well as chronic pain, tissue injuries, and more. You’d have a tough time finding anyone in the area with more impressive qualifications. He knows how to ease pain and optimize body function while tailoring his services to each client’s health issues and needs.

For example, if you're having trouble sleeping at night, a top-quality relaxation massage can help encourage restful sleep. Let Jay know what you’re hoping to achieve from your visit, and he’ll be happy to tell you what he can do. The right touch can have a significant effect.

Here When You Need Us

We’re open from morning to night every weekday to accommodate work schedules and can do weekends by appointment too. With prices ranging from $45 to $100, highly qualified bodyworks services are rarely out of reach. In fact, you can get a free massage just by referring a friend. Be sure to call us for more details and to schedule your appointment.

Contact us for an appointment with Jay. He works with the residents of Maryville and Jerseyville, Illinois, and the nearby counties.